the idea

ShadowCam S-5 

The ShadowCam S-5 camera stabiliser is the world’s first ‘3-axis’ hand-held camera stabiliser for DSLR and high-end pro series cinema cameras such as the Canon C-series, Red Epic and Black Magic that additionally dampens movement on the vertical and horizontal planes. This is achieved both electronically through the latest AlexMos hardware/software and silent brushless motors, and mechanically through the VH1, a compact two-way shock device unique to the S-5, which dampens approximately 180mm (7”) of travel when moved in a vertical and or horizontal direction, minimising the ‘bob and weave’ effect often caused by the operator running or walking. This additional dampening is just one of the features that sets it apart from other electronic stabilisers. 

But we didn’t stop there! 

When designing the ShadowCam S-5, we completely rethought the idea of the electronic stabiliser to create a unique and extremely flexible device that can merge with your existing equipment, enabling it to be instantly upgradable and customizable. We raised the position of the camera within the gimbal so framing a shot is easy and more in line with other standard shoulder rigs and steadicams. Its curved carbon fibre and aluminium frame also makes the S-5 compact, lightweight and extremely manoeuvrable so you can get the tightest of shots. And when the arms are folded down, the frame measures a staggering 230mm (9”) wide and can be operated with one hand! 

And its a shoulder rig! 

Another extremely useful feature is its adaptation as a shoulder rig. Simply attach any standard shoulder support system into the clamp located underneath the rear accessory plate and you have a stabilised shoulder rig. Some shoulder rig users prefer to have lower grips to prevent arm fatigue, so we designed the S-5’s arms and grips to be instantly adjusted into a lower position for a more relaxed and comfortable operation. 


Another feature is its ‘fold-flat’ design. This enables you to quickly and easily transport the system, with the addition of having your camera remaining attached - so once loaded and balanced, you never need remove it from the ShadowCam S-5 when travelling between shoot locations. 


Want to use your own follow-focus, filters or barn doors? The ShadowCam S-5 incorporates the industry-standard rail system so you can. And if the rails aren’t long enough, then simply lengthen them with the rail extenders included as part of the kit. 


No need! The ShadowCam S-5 incorporates ‘tool-free’ adjustment for the grips; arms; balancing set-up which includes the camera mounting plate and the height/length adjustment of the rails; the quick-release top handle; and shoulder rig adaptor. Added to that, we‘ve incorporated twenty 1/4” threaded mounting holes located around the frame enabling you to attach monitors, lights, or just about anything that has a standard 1/4” thread. And just in case that wasn’t enough, we’ve thrown in two additional adaptor clamps to the kit which can be attached anywhere on the frame.

Easier set-up.

The ShadowCam S-5 incorporates two 3-axis spirit levels to assist in balancing the camera and a printed measurement guide along the rails for taking note of the specific position of a loaded camera. This makes it quicker and easier to rebalance when changing a lens or reloading the camera onto the S-5 without the need to rebalance your entire set-up.

Safety first.

Your equipment is important to you and us. So the ShadowCam S-5 incorporates many safety features. From additional catches found on the quick-release top handle preventing it from being accidentally unlatched, to the auto-lock feature found on the camera mounting plate and rails preventing the camera from slipping off when balancing or loading it. Additionally, we tested the frame to destruction to be sure that every component and joint can take a serious pounding.